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I listened in to a fabulous interview today, (itunes podcast) Chery Richardson talking 

with Anita Moorjani (she was terminally ill, died, and came back to life)

one of the things that struck me was Cheryl said she has taken to heart

Anita’s words to “Remember Your Magnificence” and has it as a reminder 

text on her phone, a few times a day.

I do find life so much easier when I can remember that kind of sentiment,

like really… the majority of our head*&*$’s are so not worth the 

time they take to worry about.  We really are truly magnificent,

and if we are lucky enough to be able to sit around looking at

a blog or two… gosh.. lucky doesn’t encapsulate it, 

so..  remember your magnificence Lovely reader,

and I’ll give it a jolly good go to remember mine,

love Denise xo.