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perfect cake

Oh my,
a local tea house
serves their cake
with a fresh rose
and cream.
o. my. goodness.

this alone makes my
heart happy,
imagine the overflow,
to catch up with two
amazing women that
I happened to meet
at a retreat in Bali
earlier this year.

I love it
when you’re chatting
with friends,
and you share something
that’s been bubbling
up inside for a time
that you’d like to
create, or bring into
the world.. your world,
and in the telling of
you feel tingles
and the one listening
says she feels tingles
all up her body too.

‘They say’
the body never lies,
we take it as a sign,
a good sign,
of things to come.

A Zen year is
the desire
for 2014 says
one … Create
says another,
and I’m still
to find my
new word/theme
for the year.

I’ve loved
for 2013.

oh.. the tea,
earl grey..
but it tasted
a lot like
grass clippings.
*raised eyebrows*

Denise xo