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since we’re having a bit of a heatwave
my partner and I decided to sleep in the
airconditioned studio last night.

I imagined for a moment being rather bohemian
and living somewhere like Paris.

I’ve been resting and reading in here today,
not feeling too well, so the coolness is

I feel a spaciousness has opened up to me,
with having no use of fb for the month,
and I am wondering how to create this as
an ongoing feeling once I return the social
media madness in February.

I wonder how do ‘those other people do it’
the ones who seem to run extremely efficient
productive arty businesses… but you don’t see
them dallying around and commenting on
the noisy lawn mowers and blowers in their street
(like I do)

Do you resist the urge to even glimpse at the
happenings in the morning,
even though, waking up in Australia, there is
a whole day of goodies that your USA friends
have been posting.

Do you just check it in the evenings…
so bedtime is the end of the fb session…
that doesn’t sound great either…
I’ve been known to check my phone at all
hours of the night, just because the app
is one click away from a stream of info
and pictures of many of my friends.

You know, I got an email from fb this morning
telling me i have over 99 notifications
and it went on to list the names of friends
who have left me posts…

taunting me to go there.. and see.
They are watching everything.. with their
algorithms and nosy spyware …

and I also wonder… how do I tell people
about the upcoming workshops I’m having,
in Feb. I used to share it on fb..

well… that’s all the pondering for now,

love D xo