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Hello friend,

 I don’t recall if I’ve poured this here 

before already,

but today was one of those days,

where, I just felt a kind of 

foreboding yuck.

(nothing really wrong, just meh)

So.. as I do most every morning

I take a cup of tea and my notebook 

and do morning ‘writing’

yes.. julia cameron inspired me. 

and encourages PAAAGES… but

pfft… some days I don’t have time,

inclination whateverittakes to do


And I am OVERRR making 

myself wrong for everrryyything.

 So.. I as I made my tea

I put my hands on the cup

and said

‘This is a cup of self acceptance tea’

and proceeded to drink that in.

 My over active, critical thinking brain,

was a bit over active …

so a while later I

took myself downstairs and made

a whole tea pot of it!

 I’m feeling like I was able

to chat to myself in a kinder way,

write some things that 

were a bit helpful in my pages,

and generally…

help soothe myself.

 I even sent a text to a friend

who kept popping into my mind

and sent her an

imaginary cup of self acceptance tea

… since I had a pot going.

 You are welcome

to make a cup too… 

anytime you need, any kind of tea will do

it’s the intention that holds the magic.


with love

Denise xo