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The Navajo People have a saying,
“May you walk in beauty”

from the book Awakening to the Spirit World page 149-150

It means that one can choose to speak words that are loving

and that will be healing to others – words that create beauty.

One of my favorite teachings is about the true meaning of

abracadabra, which many of us used as children. This word

comes from the Aramaic abraq ad habra which literally

translates to “I will create as I speak”.

Indigenouse people take words very seriously because

they can be used to heal or to curse,

yet the modern person tends to speak very quickly

without really considering his or her words. 

When we say things like “there is no hope”, 

we are creating no hope.

When we say things like “I am grateful for all I receive

in my life”, those words of gratitude become

affirmations that reverberate back to us

and ripple through the web of life.

The first time I did a journey about this,

one of my teachers had me sit in a beautiful place

in Nature.

He asked me to say the word “brilliance”

out loud and watch as the vibration

went up into the universe and then

“rained back down on me”.

Then he had me repeat words to create a

vibration that I would rather not see 

the manifestation of.”


I loved that so much, especially the vibration of “brilliance,

raining down on me”

I thought I’d note it down over here so as not to lose it.


love Denise xo