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I’ve been having a hard time with myself this week, and so I made a little ‘ditty’ and posted it on my instagram :



I was just sitting and playing some solitaire on my ipad and considering the point I meant, and the last couple of days I’ve had.. the creative tension, the disappointment with what I’d painted, and the mild anxiety that rampages through my solar plexus sometimes.

I wanted to clarify something, not that ‘the world’ reads this blog, but it’s going to make it ‘right’ in my head, that I’ve explained it ‘somewhere’. 

I happen to think self deprecation is bullshit, I am not into that, it might sound like it sometimes, but my intention will not be that, and in this case, talking about ‘fine art’ and the attachments I had put on that… ie… I believed that you had to have done a fine arts degree to be able to call yourself a fine artist… and I’m not even sure I want to ‘call’ myself that.. (I don’t, it would seem a bit off really) but my paintings are sometimes sold in a ‘Fine Art Gallery’ … 

So… I made that throw away comment, and decided to publish it “as you do” haha,

I know for myself, the way I give meaning to things can sometimes be the biggest bringer of pain I encounter in my life.

Isn’t that the truth though?

It’s not the thing that takes you down… it’s how you feel about the thing.
Thanks to my dear friend Nancy who often helps me consider things from a different perspective.


On my ever quest to feel better,

I just thought I’d share that with you.

with love

Denise xo

ps. and here’s a painting in progress that I am kinda happy with 🙂