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ok so there may (will) be an inordinate amount of

pictures of treats… because… well… ‘sweet tooth here’.




If you’re looking for a delightful read about returning to country life after

the busy demands of a city journalist’s job, … then look no further than this

darling of a Memoir “A Story of Seven Summers: Life in the Nuns House”

by Hilary Burden.  …. and see that sponge cake… the recipe is in the book.

I read the snippet on Amazon and emailed my friend who lives in Tasi …. and… well…

like a magical series of fortunate events.. we ended up visiting Hilary and sipping rich spicy chai tea while

looking out at the majestic view from her very inviting verandah of THE Nuns’ House.



and now over a week later…. back home.. it’s already like a dream.

A warm, inviting, cosy dream that I’ll be able

to re-visit thanks to the place made here with

a sip of my tea.

love Denise.