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I am so blessed to have creative friends,

I ‘put it out there’ to meet an artist I could have

‘play dates’ with… and what do you know…

my wish was granted!!  I met Nancy.

(I recommend this to all… ask.. whisper your desires

to the universe.. she will hear you)

we chatted a lot in the morning.. then ‘set to’

and each made a gorgeous book, hand bound with hand died SILK ties!  swoonable.

She’s sooo sweet.. all these goodies were in her studio

and.. a cigar box to be painted to HOLD the precious cargo.


and this morning,

another group of friends and I were to meet for

our #desiremapbookclub

today’s discussion was about the difference between

feelings and emotions (we actually didn’t quite get around to

talking about that until after pots of tea and cake.. but you know)

so.. we thought…

feelings : you get to choose,

emotions : they well up inside.. seemingly out of our control.


bye for now,

love Denise.

oh… in case you’re wondering… no.. my life is not perfect, I do my own head in sometimes

with crazy thoughts that are not useful to me… and then I stop it… and it feels a hellovalot better.

I’m choosing to share mostly the fun, fabulous, helpful, desirable.. and honest parts here,

so that I’ll have a record of it.  It’s most helpful to remind myself of the good stuff.