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I listened in to a great spreecast this week

with Sage Goddess and Pixie Campbell

of Sacred Grit fame…

all about Earth Day Water Wheel Ceremony 

and how to create a crystal grid to intend more

flow in your life.

An epicentre for positive thoughts around water

flow, emotion, prosperity, abundance, creativity

femininity, cups, Queen, water  says Pixie.

So I didn’t have any quartz crystal points available to me

right now (making enquiries to get some though!)

so… I decided to intend ‘Being in the Flow’ for a new painting

I’m to take three paintings to an *exhibition in June, and so…

this will be no 2.  *”Celebration of the Female Form” is it’s theme.

I wrote these words along the top of her dress :

I am in the flow of my every changing life. I love myself just as I am


I’ll no doubt do some more little bits and pieces

highlights and such,

but I wanted to share her here, just as she is.

love Denise xo