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So… a conversation with a friend, who is also an artist… we happened upon the subject.. of how… when you are faced with some kind of human interaction in your life.. that causes you to loose your ‘flow’ for a time… howeverlongyoumakethatlast … and how.. we often consider.. or arrive at the idea, or is it an ‘assumption’ .. that we can’t ‘do our art’ when we are feeling like shit.

This has been a constant companion of a thought for me, and I’ve been endeavouring for the last couple of years to reframe and train myself right out of that idea toward a more helpful-to-me response to life… so.. today I used that practice.. of intentional creativity.. also known to me as

simply showing up how I am…

and I wrote out my vitriol that the head was running with which then came around to affirming what I did want.. and then .. i simply started to put colour on that.. and so far.. this happened… (image as is then with a filter on app) it’s still a wonder in progress.. but whatever.. you get the idea 🙂



wanted to share that… and as I often consider blogging.. as a way to make a note outside of myself… to the universe.. that so long as the internet is a happening thing.. I’ll be able to find it again at the touch of a few buttons… you know how finding things in a diary can be difficult.. so.. even if noone gets it.. it’s done… for some kind of reason.. I feel compelled to share…

love Denise xo