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The thing about having two blogs.. is when you hit on something you reeeeaaaallly resonate with you want to write it all over the place.  So I am cross-pollinating.. knowing that the folks over here who are wordpress friends might not ever visit my website.  I also realised rather annoyingly that I have a wordpress.org site? so I cannot add plugins. fuq that’s annoying. Here is another reason that web designers are probably a great idea.. and why in fact.. it will be wonderful when I reach a fruitful enough stage in time when I can choose to hire one!

So… here is the content I shared over on my other blog..


I had a small melt down this week (in great company.. inside a mastermind group I am blessed to meet with)* about this smash book teaching thing… because it seems to be counter to creating art/painting/whatever (this is very likely the voice of my inner critic.. because it’s never happy, never thinks I do enough, or am good enough, or paint enough, or sell enough *&^*%*&* the list could go ON)… but… on deeper probing… I discovered.. that for me. my Smashbook is a self created safe space.. and it is this Opportunity that I feel compelled to share (that is.. HOLD SPACE for) … it has the potential to be a self created safe space… and that is quite intrinsic to a life of an artist. (or human BEING for that matter) 

As I went into my beliefs around my creative process.. my self as ‘artist’… the thought also flitted past… that I wish I had been shown this as a child.. growing up… I recall some really harsh teachers.. and how rubbish they made me feel… they didn’t realise (or care?) at the time the turmoil I had going on inside me.  

So, in my workshops I always hope that I can create circles in which artists, mums, friends, sisters, daughters, sons, dads, people who are grieving, people who are healing, anyone’s really.. can come and through the gentle process of intentional creativitea ….. enjoy a restorative space in time. 

The picture above is from my art table on Sunday.. I’m creating a smashbook called ‘MOTHER LOVE’.. so I am putting in anything that reminds me of my Mum… and some things that relate to me as a Mother myself… when you create your own alchemical container.. you can decide whatever you like that will go in it.. and it’s perfect. Perfect for you.  


*please don’t freak out and think I’m a wanker for even having a mastermind group.. that’s a relatively new thing for me too and it truly happened by seredipitous… if YOU want be be in a mastermind group.. just put that desire out there.. ‘ask’ for it… and I’ll not be surprised if you ‘happen’ to meet a bunch of people.. just 2 or 3 even.. that are looking for just that same thing.. and ‘whala’ you got yourself a group who are wanting to be accountable to their success and are willing to support you in yours.

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I’m having a competition? no.. I hate that word.. I currently have a delightful opportunity.. for one dear person to win an Intentional Creativitea Session with me via Skype.. and a personally created Smashbook for them.  You can find out all about that here.  Entries close 1 Sept 2014.
And… if you want to find out more about smashbooking with me… (visit info page here)  I have two workshops open for registration being held at Doonan – up near Noosa..(Qld, Australia) on Thursday 11 Sept.. and another on Saturday 13th Sept.  These will be held at LuluArt .. at a gorgeous super sized art table with seating for 8… and windows overlooking a beautiful dam.. and birds singing.. and water lily’s floating.  It’s very retreat like… and as always.. there will be plenty of tea. #smashbookdd is what I’m using on my instagram to share pics relating to this.love Denise x

if you can’t be bothered moving to another page to read  What is a Smashbook 
… I’ll write it here too: 

What is a Smash Book?
It’s like an art journal.. but much more.. it’s about creating a connection, connecting with your inner guidance. You will listen and create from the space within that knows your truest hopes and dreams for yourself.  Because of the SMASHING aspect… you may meet up with the perfectionist self.. who then can make way for your bold self and brave self.. your freedom seeking self … I will hold space for you.. as you create a space for yourself with these pages.. that you will take with you.  A Smashbook encourages CONNECTION, celebration, play, wonder, validation, mess, TRUTH, self healing, colour, collage, embellishment, possibility, dream tending, memory keeping, and best of all . . . FUN.

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