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It’s true, I have quite the affinity with making tea time sacred.

I love making plays on words, to inspire me to think outside the square of my ordinary.  I include many varieteas in my language and in the creating of pages in a smashbook and or art journal.

For me, one of the greatest gifts of putting myself out there, and offering an ecourse has been the flow of my own creativity it has opened up… if you commit to creating something FOR someone a little shift can happen … *if you already create wildy with your own sweet abandon this may seem like superfluous rubbish to you . .  . so all good respect to you, already motivated creators.* I obviously needed to find another way.

Diving off the cliff of ‘perceived safety – stay at home – don’t go outside – they might look at you funny – you’re an introvert – you can’t possibly do this without freaking out – what do you have to say that is of value – they are too busy for this’ all of THAT … is just static.

I have one more week of content to create, so I’ll come back and speak more about this later, it’s a rolling topic in my mind.

I am not yet sufficiently on the other side of having hosted one complete course, so not to speak too soon.

bye for now,

I’ll leave you with a freshly brewed pot of Simplicitea … use your favourite cup today, it’ll make a difference. I’m sure of it.

Love Denise x