Hello friend I maybe haven’t met,

I just read an email and blog from SARK.. Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, she spoke of her deepest fear and greatest blessing… her Partner has received a cancer diagnosis, and so they are travelling that big path right now.

I was gobsmacked at the honesty and openness with which Susan shared their current life experience.

I am stopped in my tracks momentarily by it . . .  I count Susan as one of my dearest Role Models, I did an e-course with her in 2011 that helped change my life in a bright new direction. Obviously she’s still one of my dearest role models, and after reading her blog, I am even more grateful to have been led to her in the first place.

Having people like this in my life, via books, shows, blogs… wow. It’s incredible to me how much they impact by their sharing of their truth, their experience.

Thank you dear Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy for being so much of a lazer beam of love. (that’s her words, her life purpose : “which is to be a transformer, uplifter and laser beam of love.”)

If you want to read Susan’s blogpost for yourself, this is the link.

I’m not even sure why I wanted to blog this as such, but I felt I wanted to say something out loud.

This is a little drawing I made this morning as I was feeling all bent out of shape about something that I made myself upset about.

That’s another gift from SARK . . . the gift of drawing like no-one is judging, and being free to draw my inner child in this way brings me a freedom I didn’t used to allow myself.

ct inner child SEENwith heart,

and deep respect for those who are being with very hard to be with news and diagnosis’.

love Denise x