aj pink page sadness

So…  a sip of my tea this week, it’s a bit scary and strange, we (my family) received news that our Mother has a malignant tumour back again, we await tests and scans to know what the next options are.

I am unable to focus or free myself to paint on the canvas prolifically  … but I want to not let go of arting, not when I need it most.

Something about writing down my fears or concerns onto the page and drawing/painting a face over the top, or whatever else really.. but the face is a go to favourite. I paint a friend to hold the pain with me, she’s like a prayer, when life and times are confusing and filled with unknown timing and tumult.

Turning my fear into faith and

thinking into trusting.

I read an extraordinary blogpost recently by a talented artist who makes exceptionally exquisite dolls. ‘the pale rock’ she spoke with such honesty and the kindred spirit sensitivity of an artist that I was transported, inspired and encouraged by her words.

going gently,

Denise x