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The futility of the over thinking self…


my doubting one yells from within.

The self abuse of not believing you’re ok, is a sad and sorry tale, carried by too many of us I imagine. Sweeping statement of grand assumption there, yes.

Perhaps that is why I am so drawn to Tosha Silver’s ‘Change Me Prayers’, they get right to the heart of the matter and give me a tool to wield that’s counter to the 6 planets in virgo that inhabit my being and natal chart.

May I also remember, as my darling astrologer friend Divine Mystic reminded me again today, that some of those traits I am all too quick to judge as ‘bad and wrong’ are INTRINSICALLY who I am, and that could be my divine nature.

If you’re seeing this as a self indulgent post . . . relax, it’s easily applicable to anyone who judges harshly the very natural things they find they do by heart, could it be that they are a gift you didn’t realise you had.

I am often puzzled how women of great gifts take themselves into a swirl of self doubting torture simply because they don’t have a clear way of looking in from the outside at their true beautiful nature.

Can we please learn to be kinder to ourselves,

can we please release ourselves from this smallness,

Here’s another one from Tosha Silver :

Change me Divine Beloved into One who knows my own true beauty, dignity and worth.

May I always be a vehicle for Your Love.

May I know my own radiant Soul in every way. Please use me for the highest good. I am Yours. You are Mine. We are One.

that’s all today.

with much kindness,

Denise x