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Ginger cruch

Last week I was in New Zealand spending some special time with my parents. This is my tea at the airport…one of my favourite kiwi treats is a sweet slice called ginger crunch. I found a recipe for it online here, (from the Edmonds cook book) in case you’d like to make it.

Travelling ‘home’ to the country I was born in and experiencing it as a visitor is curious to me in some ways. I feel far more at home in Australia than I do there…. probably because I’ve lived here since 1988 and I chose to move here for the sunshine and beaches.

I think it’s all a bit too fresh, my feelings and unravelment, too soon to share about.

Here’s a ‘selfie’ of my Mum and Me… laughing as I said I needed to hold the phone up higher so we didn’t have double chins.

DD and Mum selfie

I started reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book while I was away “Big Magic” … it’s terrific for reminding me of the futility of perfectionism, and great encouragement to keep going on my creative path.

liz gilbert pertectionism denise daffara

I’ve been in a bit of a ‘holding pattern’ with my painting . . . a foolish notion had taken root that if I couldn’t paint ‘perfect’ or ‘sellable’ art, then I was wasting my time and not worthy of being called an artist. FFS, where does that bs come from, really?

liz gilbert murder creativity

So… my latest thought… allow myself to paint shit paintings and see what comes after that  . . . sure some of the shit ones might work out ok.. but they can’t have that kind of PRESSURE on them to be so before they even exist.

deeply disciplined half ass dd

This is also one of the reasons I have taken to making these simple little ‘inner child’ drawings.. #drawlikenooneisjudging is my mantra when making these, they DON’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT, they are me, allowing myself a playful moment or two. You’ll find more of them on my instagram. 

Here’s to becoming a deeply disciplined half-ass!

bye for now,

Denise x