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walk with aura inner child

I woke this morning in a groggy fog-like feeling and literally did not know what day it was. I had to go through a number of ideas in my mind to arrive at the realisation that is was in fact Friday morning.

Feeling a but under’achievey of late (read, business has been slower than a snail with a suburb on it’s back)

I frequently am reminding myself to ‘love the one in me who is afraid’ … rather than berate myself for being a not-so-fabulous-at-this-moment-business-maker  …

So… today’s little inner child drawing.. is the little one in me who needs comforting and absolute pure love which she readily gets from our pet dog Aura … and who when I pause momentarily I am always able to love her, no matter what when I REMEMBER that’s kindof all she needs.

I have some fairly LARGE canvas’s on my easels at the moment . . . dancing with the layering technique championed and introduced to me by Flora Bowley and then Tracy Verdugo …. it’s a hot mess.. actually a cool mess.. of aqua’s greens and lime.. a little black as well… they’re the beginnings of who knows what…

chaos of letting go

under the layers 1and the writing I made on the blank canvas’s was inspired directly from a tarot spread with Carol Bridge’s Medicine Women Tarot.  I was so taken with the meanings she’d written about ‘Seven of Pipes’ “Doubt overcome by Action, Spirit Freed” and ‘Five of Pipes’ “Play for all your are worth” which were the first two I drew.

Medicine Woman Tarot by Carol BridgesLetting Go is the current theme of a class I’m participating in.

How apt . . .

onward …

thanks for visiting,

Denise x