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7 pipes 17

I have been ‘battling’ somewhat with a canvas these past couple of weeks, and thought I’d share some of that process with you.

I already ‘can paint’ and yet.. I’m completely dissatisfied with how I used to make a painting . . . so for the last several years I have been pursuing the notion of intuitive painting and having it become more of my spiritual and integrative life practice. I work out my ‘shit’ on the canvas and or page.

This example I’m sharing here.. comes very close to being a life changer for me… and… I still have the fear I’ll not be able to do it again.

I began with a tarot spread to connect with the Divine . . . and/or the Feminine.. I was so moved by the meaning of the card I wrote a passage of it down onto my canvas.. a beginning… an intention … an invitation. Going in. This one held the words of the 7 of Pipes (Carol Bridges – Medicine Woman Tarot)

7 pipes


the “Let Go” comes from this month’s prompt given by Flora Bowley … she’s one of my inspirers in the world of art making, her example/way of teaching painting stretches me to my very uncomfortable edge.

7 pipes progress A

At the above stage I’m feeling almost sticken with fear.. so much so.. I just write that on the canvas in red paint… it’s the only thing I could feel to do in that moment, staying with the process, and declaring exactly how I was feeling.

7 pipes 10

fear : I have felt this many times before, this too shall pass.

Seriously.. not joking the feeling of fear : this is ugly, what the hell am I doing, this isn’t really working, what the hell do I do next…  and again I was reminded of ‘Big Magic’ words by Elizabeth Gilbert… have fear sit in the back seat.. NOT DRIVING.

7 pipes progress B.jpg

I had somewhat an image of an hourglass going on at some part..and I realllly loved the sphere like image I had going on above her head… but then that seemed to just get a bit heavy to keep holding…

‘weight of the world’ and all that . . .

7 pipes C progress

Oh, but she grew branches before I was ready to let all that go . . .

as I released her hold on that mass above her I could feel myself lightening up as well… haha… go figure!

she was naked.. then a deep blue black watery, satin like, evening gown seemed to just want to slide up from the lake..

7 pipes progress D.jpg

I feel like she’s praying,

drawing in energy from above,

and really standing in her own power at the same time…

in a lake..

in an evening gown…

as you do.

IMG_9855.JPGI’m not quite finished her yet,

more glazing and listening to happen here . . . but oh what a treat it’s been having her arrive, to be with me here.

She’s going to be at the Visionary Art Exhibition I’m in with two other artist friends Jassy Watson and BJ Long,  5th – 11th April 2016 ‘Dreaming Into Being’ is our theme.  We’d love to meet you… if you’re in Brisbane, Queensland around that time. Visit our event page on Facebook.

I’ll sign off for now,

bright blessings to you,

and may love be at the centre of our being,

Denise x