one week to go


I shared this image on my instagram earlier this week, and afterwards, when I slid the flyer away.. I saw a space.. and made a hill for my little dd to stand on, and then … these words flowed out of my pen.

mountain of shit

When you put yourself out there you often (sometimes) have to overcome a mountain of shit.

The last time I had an exhibition it was a big flop, fail, fuqup if you count on sales being your measure of success.

Wonders, doubt fear, worry, concern. Am I enough, will I be able to paint enough. Will anyone want to buy my paintings?

Perhaps not all of the time, but in the creative life I notice how much I am faced with my own inner demons. Self doubt has been a lurker for years, but I am pleased to report I found a way to quiet that one to be able to make some new paintings that I absolutey love . . . I’ve used this method before, I just listened to a different podcast… this time around it’s been the lovely Dee Wallace and her show Conscious Creation that has seen me through hours and hours of letting myself paint while my mind, and perhaps critical thinking self is busy listening to her show. And loving it!

I’m feeling optimistic and really quite calm amongst the sometimes sleeplessness of making lists in my head of what needs to be done.  But I wanted to share with you that it’s a challenge, a privilege, and gift as well.

Below are some of the works to be seen at next weeks Exhibition, and a link to our online facebook event

DD feature ad



This one is a repaint … underneath is a whole different painting I made in an online class with Pixie Lighthorse.. but I felt inspired to paint over that . . and leave the butterflies from the previous painting and see what wanted to happen . . . the branches with the birds also remained.

The new version reminds me a tiny bit of Monet with the feeling of movement, the peaceful sense of a secret garden, softness, femininity, Mary and her rosary links directly to my Mother. TakingFlightSigned

Another surprise to me addition that is featuring in my art is my series of petite paintings called SHE FEELS.


I am really in love with these little space holders of raw emotion. This is one of the most freeing gifts I have given myself in the last year . . . time with paper and fabric cutout dolls which led to a whole series of expressions.

SHE FEELS series.jpg

also featuring at the upcoming exhibition

are two dear and talented friends

Jassy Watson and BJ Long.

Jassy feature ad.jpg

BJ Feature Ad.jpg

online viewing and sales via our facebook event.


well, bye for now dear reader,

thanks for stopping by,

Perhaps I’ll meet you at the gallery, or indeed online . . . life can be a bit mysterious like that these days.

love Denise.