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Priestess Self-Study 2

Hello there,

Today I would like to introduce you to one of my somewhat secret loves, the path and presence of Sage Priestessing.

I have been steeping myself in the teachings/sharings and circles of Vanessa Sage for about 2 years and it has been having a deeply restorative and profound effect on my life.

The most significant of these would be the mentoring of holding sacred circle space, this is the piece that has risen to the surface to take precedence over much else for me. I called upon this knowing, sensing, beingness at a time when I most needed it . . . sitting at my Mothers bedside for her last days on earth. (Jan 2016) I would not have been able to hold the space the way I did had I not integrated this knowing that I did not have to do anything except be present with my Mother, and let her take her own journey, and of course provide any support service I was able to in a practical way, alongside my family, nurses, carers etc.

So, my experience of Priestess is one more of showing up and being present to what is required from me to the best of my ability rather than calling myself that by name.

There is an opportunity for you to join Vanessa and nurture, meet, tend and unfurl your inner Priestess.

Priestess Certification 1 copy

If you find yourself curious about the path of Priestess . . . I encourage you to check out Vanessa’s amazing website that has such a divine sense of sacred beauty.

I am honoured to be part of the Priestess Certification program – I will meet you there as one of the Melissa Priestesses. This means I help hold the space of the container and hold Temple Space within the program at various new or full moon times.

Vanessa has opened up registration to join her deeply sacred and life affirming work, you can choose from Sage Priestess – Self Study  and also Sage Priestess Certification.

I highly recommend Vanessa as a wise, kind, wonderful teacher who leads by her wildly vulnerable and powerful example.

I have a spot in this beautiful, comprehensive Sage Priestess Self-Study course to giveaway. If you would like to go into the draw to win that,  please send an email to me, at art@denisedaffara.com.au with Priestess Giveaway in the subject heading, and a sentence or two sharing what it would mean to you, or what draws you to this opening. The winner will be drawn later in April and notified via email.

Warmest wishes to you

love Denise.

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