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Going through times of change, transition, challenge, pretty much can be ‘every day’ as we now know it.

I took myself to the beach for a walk to start the day off with exercise and sunshine as it’s often a really good way to reset. Today I was plagued by thoughts of fear ‘what am I going to do?’, ‘this isn’t working – that isn’t working’ . . . you know the drill. Fears of failure or success, the hamster wheel in the protective brain can sometimes spin out of control.

So . . . I thought I’d just start watching the waves, focus on the waves as they come in and go out, it became like a mantra, drawing me to say in my mind . . . let fear go out, let love come in . . . let fear go out, let love come in.  It felt really very good, and a ‘no brainer’, no need for overthinking or complicating. It was a sweet gift along my walk.

I liked the idea so very much I made a little video of the sea in case you needed two minutes by the seaside too, and some niggles, or worries and fears that might do well to go out with the tide and let a series of waves of love come in and take their place.


Let the waves carry the fears out

and receive waves of love as they come in.


love Denise.