the artist – Denise Daffara / the tea lady – her muse

DD at a Melbourne Tea House

Denise . . . artist, wonderer, inspirer, appreciator of a fine china tea cup and a pot of tea

The Tea Lady, or Wild Gypsy Rose .. she has a few names… my Muse, the one who has abundant messages of hope, wisdom and love for me.  I have come to meet her as the opposite voice of the inner critic, having a relationship with my muse is a wonderful opportunity to enrich my life instead of depleting it.

I may be a bit of a ‘tea lady’ myself… the Muse is, after all another aspect of me.

I find solace in a pot of tea, a sacred space in the ordinary of my day, I have a collection of tea cups and teapots, and I love to set an intention with each pot of tea.

I hope to make a collection of thoughts, inspirations and wonderings here that might be a blessing to those who find them.

website if you’d like to see my art :

My passion is to connect with others in ways that leave us both feeling nurtured, energized, validated, and liberated.

Denise xo

3 thoughts on “the artist – Denise Daffara / the tea lady – her muse”

  1. Denise, I don’t see a place to subscribe to your posts ….. am I just missing something ….

  2. Never mind ……. I found it …. thanks … Catt

  3. Jullum Dhalgay said:

    Of course it would involve something to do with your tea up fascination….so glad I found you. x

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